Naomi Foyle has mentored three first poetry collections, and edited seven others. As a mentor she works with a poet in depth, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the work, giving reading suggestions, and helping the writer to plan a professional approach to editors.  As both mentor and editor Naomi takes a sensitive but thorough approach, both respecting the writer’s voice, and helping to hone work on the page. For further details of poetry and prose mentoring/editing at an hourly rate (approximately six poems / 3000 words of prose per hour) please contact Naomi here

Edited Collections

  • A Sure Star in a Moonless Night by Sirrka Turkka, translated by Emily Jeremiah (Waterloo Press 2013)
  • The Exile’s House by Ian Parks (Waterloo Press 2012)
  • Skying by Steven Matthews (Waterloo Press 2012)
  • The Privilege of Rain by David Swann (Waterloo Press 2010) *Shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry*
  • Praying for Flow by Sophia Wellbeloved (Waterloo Press 2010)
  • Men and Women Alone / Solos y solas by Tamara Kamenszain, translated by Cecilia Rossi (Waterloo Press 2010)
  • Selected Poems of Alejandra Pizarnik, translated by Cecilia Rossi (Waterloo Press 2010)
  • Selected Poems of Mairtin Crawford (Lagan Press 2005)

Mentored Collections

  • 42 by Clare Hill (Survivors Poetry, 2012) ACE funded
  • Host by Sarah Hymas (Waterloo Press, 2010).  ACE funded.
  • Inkblotting by Joanna Watson (Survivors’ Poetry, 2010)  Volunteer.


Thank you so much for your immensely helpful feedback. You’ve given me a great deal to go on, far more than I expected in fact. I’ll be ordering the books you recommended, and will begin working on your advice shortly. – L.M. (author of a 13,000 word short story)