Naomi Foyle has mentored three first poetry collections, and edited seven others. As a mentor she works with a poet in depth, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the work, giving reading suggestions, and helping the writer to plan a professional approach to editors.  As both mentor and editor Naomi takes a sensitive but thorough approach, both respecting the writer’s voice, and helping to hone work on the page. For further details of poetry and prose mentoring/editing at an hourly rate (approximately six poems / 3000 words of prose per hour) please email her at enfoyle@gmail.com


Edited Collections

A Sure Star in a Moonless Night by Sirrka Turkka, translated by Emily Jeremiah (Waterloo Press 2013)

The Exile’s House by Ian Parks (Waterloo Press 2012)

Skying by Steven Matthews (Waterloo Press 2012)

The Privilege of Rain by David Swann (Waterloo Press 2010) *Shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry*

Praying for Flow by Sophia Wellbeloved (Waterloo Press 2010)

Men and Women Alone / Solos y solas by Tamara Kamenszain, translated by Cecilia Rossi (Waterloo Press 2010)

Selected Poems of Alejandra Pizarnik, translated by Cecilia Rossi (Waterloo Press 2010)

Selected Poems of Mairtin Crawford (Lagan Press 2005)

Mentored Collections

42 by Clare Hill (Survivors Poetry, 2012) ACE funded

Host by Sarah Hymas (Waterloo Press, 2010).  ACE funded.

Inkblotting by Joanna Watson (Survivors’ Poetry, 2010)  Volunteer.



Thank you so much for your immensely helpful feedback. You’ve given me a great deal to go on, far more than I expected in fact. I’ll be ordering the books you recommended, and will begin working on your advice shortly.

L.M. (author of a 13,000 word short story)


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